Let´s introduce the Residence “La Vallonea“.
If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the relaxing, beneficial and salutary effects of the sea, a little away from the crowds that typify the most beautiful places of the Salento peninsula, but still in its heart, here you are.
"La Vallonea“ is surrounded by century-old Valonia oaks and Maritime Pines and is set within the grounds of an ancient aristocratic villa in Spongano: “Villa Copini“.
At the same time, just about three miles away, lies one of the most beautiful pieces of Salento coast. The Zinzulusa, a natural karst cave, is just one of the jewels of this area, where Castro, Otranto, Santa Cesarea, Leuca and Gallipoli are a series of attractive locations, among the world´s most beautiful, within a range of few miles of the dream cost.
Aquatic sports lovers have, in the rocky and descending coast and its crystal clear waters, the marine environment where they can practice at different skill levels.
The seabed, with its very different depth offers snorkelers and divers an ideal gym.
In this wonderful place we have built several luxurious flats equipped with all modern conveniences in an exclusive, distinguished and reserved environment.
The property includes a pool where you can enjoy the Salento sun, even during the occasional rough sea day, and which allows, not only the kids, good, healthy fun within the familiarity of the Residence.

La Quercia s.r.l.
Iscritta all'Ufficio di Registro di Lecce - Numero di Iscrizione: 04018880759
Capitale Sociale: 10000 Euro